cleansing balm

cleansing balm 90g JPY 5,280 tax included

Reset the skin by wrapping it in luxurious moisture

The moment it blends with the skin, it becomes smooth oil.
With the high moisture retention of olive oil and shea butter,
skin moisture is protected during thorough makeup removal and pore cleaning.
It leads to moisturized and radiant smooth skin even after makeup removal.

It achieves soft fresh skin even after removing makeup.

Plant-derived oils such as olive oil and shea butter thoroughly remove makeup and pore-clogging impurities while maintaining moisture required for the skin.
Melting balm that’s best for massaging gently blends in with the skin achieves soft fresh skin even after removing makeup.

  • Shea butter
    (emollient ingredient)
  • Olive oil
    (emollient ingredient)
  • Damask rose
    flower oil
  • Colloidal platinum
    (anti-oxidant ingredient)

How to use

Effective Usage for Cleansing Treatment. Massage and gently spread it on your skin.

  • Take up an appropriate amount with a spatula on the dry palm and spread over the entire face.
    Spread from the center of the face outward massaging in circular motions.
  • Gently massage vertically up and down and from left to right around nostrils and chin where old cells easily accumulate.
    Then, add water to emulsify and rinse thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water.
    *No need to use a face wash afterward.

Salon treatment you can get at home

Intensive care with a booster beauty essence and carbonated mask
for soft skin after cleansing as a key to beautiful skin.

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